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Date Posted: Aug 21 2016

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Free Download: Poppins Font Family

Brought to us by Indian Type Foundry, Poppins is a simple, geometric sans-serif font.

Poppins displays international versitility supporting both Latin and Devanagari script, and is one of the only existing typefaces offering a range of weights in both scripts.

Using pure geometry to create a clean, simplistic typeface makes this is a great all round display face; and is ideal for use in product packaging and headers.

The vertical and horizontal strokes of the forms are near equal with minimal adjustments made to maintain an even colour.

The large x-height of the Latin characters aids readability, and the rationalist construction of the forms gives the typeface a distinct modern feel.

The font comes in five weights: light, regular, medium, semi-bold and bold allowing for a wide range of use; and is free for both personal and commercial use.

Download the files beneath the preview:

Preview of Poppins font

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