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99Club Exclusive Offer

99Club Offer

Stock Photo Secrets currently have an incredible offer available.
The 99Club plan is a limited time offer that gives you full access to Stock Photo Secrets library of other 4 million royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and fonts. With a 99Club subscription, you can download 200 XXL downloads each year; this works out less than 50 cents per each piece of media. I am yet to find a better deal available at any other stock photo website.

Codesmite Exclusive Bonus

By using the links on this page, you not only get 200 XXL downloads at less than 50 cents each, but you will also receive an extra 10 downloads completely free.

My Own Experience of Stock Photo Secrets

Codin here with my experience of Stock Photo Secrets!
With other leading stock photo providers charging almost $10 a photo; 200 Stock photos and illustrations for $99 almost sounds too good to be true.
I had to give Stock Photo Secrets a try before recommending this offer to my readers as I was sceptical myself.
My largest concern was the size of the library available at Stock Photo Secrets, in comparison to Shutterstock and Adobe Stock Photo's libraries of over 60 million; Stock Photo Secrets library of 4 million is relatively small.
I was starting to think the 99Club offer sounds like great value, but I might not be able to find the perfect stock media for my projects in this library.

Putting my concerns to one side, I started work on a few personal projects that were going to require some very specific stock imagery.
Within minutes of searching Stock Photo Secrets I had already found the perfect images for my projects. I was pleasantly surprised to find that even though my search results had fewer images than if I searched on Shutterstock, the quality of the images found was very high.
Examples of the images I used in my projects below:

Stock Image Example Stock Image Example

At the current time of working on these projects, I had decided to go to a local co-working meetup to get a change of scenery and to network with other professionals that also work from home.
It just so happened that one of the members of the meetup was looking for a stock photo for their current project, this was the perfect opportunity to test Stock Photo Secrets library once again.
So I shared a link to Stock Photo Secrets so that he could have a browse through the library, within minutes he had found the photo he wanted for his project.
Within a 15-minute time frame not only had I found 6 perfect images for my projects, but also helped a co-worker find the perfect image for one of their projects. After testing Stock Photo Secrets myself I no longer have any concerns with this offer, and personally, I think it is great value for money.

Stock Image Example

I was also very impressed by Stock Photo Secrets live support.
While enquiring about an exclusive deal for Codesmite readers, I used the live chat support for my query. The response speed and quality of support provided were inspiring, over multiple conversations I never had to wait more than a minute for a first response and all of my queries were successfully answered in great detail.

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